From The Desk of Principal

Dear Readers & Learner,
This college has been establishment to provide platform for the candidates interested in nursing as a career. We aim to provide a high quality, skilled & oriented education to meet the needs of society as a whole. The primary mission is to prepare students for beginning and advance practice to render quality nursing care and prepare the nurse to meet the new health challenges of the society.

The population of our Country is increasing drastically and the health care becoming more complex, the amount of knowledge needed by nurses mounts daily – Today's nurses must be educated both to care for patient and to manage to sophisticated equipment& technology found in today's tomorrows facility.

We believe that each individual has the right to quality health care; goal of the institution is to prepare graduate nurses to promote, maintain, and restore an optimal level wellness. Nursing refines it's practice in response to social need and the nursing education must prepare a professional nurse for evolving as well as traditional roles. Education of nurses occurs at several level in order to prepare various categories of Nurse to require the knowledge and judgment inherent in practice nursing education focuses on critical thinking, decision-making, analysis, enquiry and research.

Our faculty believe that learning is independent, life long process; learning is an opportunity for teacher-student interaction in setting apprising progress. The knowledge base prepare the beginners to function as provider of direct and indirect care of individuals, families group, community and population. Therefore the curriculum grounded in which it includes professional values, core competencies, and core knowledge and role development.

Our objectives:

  • Well trained, Qualified and Experienced Teaching Staff .
  • Fully Equipped Laboratory Facility.
  • Ability to development and vocational training.
  • High quality with affordable fee Structure.
  • Enhance skills of differently able children and develop positive attitude towards self reliance.
  • Woman Empowerment through education and vocational training livelihood
  • Transport facility.

Our approach always has been Holistic because we feel that Education Health livelihood…. All go Hand in Hand.

Why Us