• Ragging is a crime.
  • Ragging is banned in our college.
  • Do not tolerate Ragging.
  • Report to the authorities for taking strict action.
  • Strong legal action will be taken against the guilty by the Principal of the College, Registrar of the University and the Police.

Anti-Raging Committee

S.NO. Name Designation
1 Dr. Ravindra Puranik Principal
2 Mr. Ramesh Chaude Representative of civil administrative
3 Mr.Dewanand Marbate Representative of police administrative
4 Mr.Vishvanath Thakare Representative of NGO
5 Mrs.Ratnamala B. Muneshwar Faculty Representative
6 Mrs.Vidya Bangadkar Rector
7 Miss. Pranita Vaidya Student Representative
8 Miss. Payal Bhane Student Representative
9 Mr. Aditya Bhajipale Student Representative