Rules & Regulation

Rules for Teacher & Students

Student shall wear prescribed uniform while on duty & College Premises,
The student has to obey & follow all rules, and disciplines of the hostels and
college/hospitals. She/He shall pay fee or mess charge In time.
The student has to undergo practical training/perform training In different health organizations and students will be posted In speciality ward during advanced study.
The student has to undertake all types of duties of nursing and have to follow the rules & order of the principal and hospital authorities.
Besides training the students are expected to participate in all extra curricular activities such as sports, Cultural Programme, activities & field studies arranged by the College of Nursing faculty.
When a student has been found guilty of breach of discipline within or outside the premises of the institution or persistent idleness or misconduct, the Head of
institution may according to nature and gravity of the offence -
(a) Suspend such student from attending classes not more than a week at a time or
(b) Expel such a student from the Institution to
(c) Disqualify such a student form entering examination to
(d) Rusticate such a student
Before Inflicting any punishment as afore said, the head of the Institution shall give the student concerned opportunity of personal hearing and record the reasons of inflicting the punishment in writing.
Student trying to attempt or commit any kind of suicide, unnatural act, authorities of the college, hostel & hospital will not be responsible.
The head of the institute shall have power to suspend the student temporarily from the Institution pending enquiry into her/his conduct In connection with the I I alleged offence.
The period, during which student student remains suspended for completion of enquiry shall be reckoned in the calculation of her attendance for appearing in an examination provided he/she Is found innocent.
A Student who has been rusticated shall not be admitted to another Institution with in the Jurisdiction of the university with In the period of rustication.
The rustication of a student from an Institution shall entail the removal of her name form the register of enrolled student
Under ordnance No. 7 of Madhya Pradesh Vishva Vldhyalaya Adhinlyam 1973. Student shall have minimum 759 attendance for appearing at University Examination.
For local students, parents can only be local guardian. How ever, if both*parents are staying outside Raipur. Local Guardian should be married couple. Two photo of local guardian to be deposited with authority letter beside this students should be submitted two photo of their Guardian i.e. (Mother & Father).
At the time of admission student shall deposit.
(1) 12 passport size photos in black and white In light colour dress bur hair should nor be falling on forehead.
(ii) Rs 2500 toward 2 sets uniform, one pair of shoes, 2 apron 2 pair socks only.
(iii) Books as prescribed and applicable will be available at GCN at MRP (optional)
After the admission If any student wishes to discontinue during the duration of the course he/she shall be required to pay the entire fees the whole course irrespective of the period he/she has remained in the college.
Medicinal expenses of students will be done by themselves only. Local guardians/parents will bear the entire cost & respondibility
Bus facility will not be provided for leaving /pick-up students going home on vacation.
Mobile phones are strictly prohibited with in the college/hospital premises.
Ragging is strictly prohibited. Those found will be suspended/ rusticated.
Cheating during examination may lead suspension/rustication.
Regulations of college, hospital & hostel will have to be followed after admission.