Welcome To Pooja Nursing College & PES Hospital

BCSS emerged out in Bhandara, under the eminent leadership of young, dynamic, qualified and enthusiastic trustees, who dedicated their lives to impart the quality of professionalism in nursing courses. The trust initiated nursing education with ANM (Auxiliary Nursing Midwifery) in 2009 and added GNM (General Nursing Midwifery) in 2011 and Basic B.Sc. Nursing courses in 2015
"An Institution totally dedicated to quality of Nursing Profession”

Our Philosophy

Philosophy is one of the most essential components in the structural hierarchy of nursing curriculum for our society and school.
The philosophy of a nursing school defines the value statements about both the practice and the teaching of nursing. In other words, philosophy describes what the school faculty believes about the education of nursing. The statement reflects the value, belief, goals or opinions as agreed by the members of the school faculty. It needs to be stated in clear, concise terms and to be directly related to the curriculum.
Philosophy and education have very close relationship, while education is the active side and deals with the concrete. Philosophy is contemplative side and deals with the abstract. The philosophies of education give direction to the aim of education, like idealism, naturalism and pragmatism.
The philosophy of nursing education determines the aim, objectives, content, method of teaching and education. It deals with beliefs and values with regard to man as a learner, educator nurse of patient. In addition it also deals with beliefs about society, nursing, health etc.

We believe that we have a responsibility for the all over development of the students.

Our Inspiration